The PMU Woman

Consider the last time you picked up a glossy women’s magazine. The images were flawless, the language intoxicating. You can do it all, be it all, have it all in five minutes a day!

If you’re anything like me, the articles whipped you into a frenzy of hope that you could pull your life together with just a little more resolve, just a little more forcing the puzzle pieces into place. But then you put the magazine down, needled by a cloud of self-condemnation. Who am I kidding? My life will never look like that.

At PMU Woman Magazine, our deepest desire is to provide you with the tools—but most importantly, the hope—that change and growth are possible from the inside out. We believe that a fit body and sense of style are something every woman can achieve, but we think it’s vital to begin with the heart and the mind.

Without a life of substance, external appearances become slave drivers. Superficiality rules.

When we find true purpose and worth based in what we were individually created to do – then trendy workout routines and fashionable accessories are the icing on the cake.

Our name speaks our values.
PMU Woman:
Promote. Motivate. Uplift.
We are women of every nationality and class, all sharing common interests, joys and struggles. We are women who make a difference: strong woman of purpose.

We don’t give up, even during life’s most difficult trials. We believe all things are possible through God’s power – even a well-balanced life. We are emotional and grow weary – but we aren’t afraid to share our weaknesses, our pain or our mountaintop experiences. We take time to encourage each other and offer compassion, despite the dirty dishes and laundry and project deadlines. We pursue our goals and passions. We are women of substance!

Are you a PMU Woman?
The answer is “yes.”

If that’s difficult for you to believe, we invite you to walk with us. Take the challenge to search inside the dusty, dark corners of your soul and discover your true strengths and weaknesses. Uncover those long buried passions. Hold them up to the light and ask God to show you your true purpose—and the concrete steps to pursue it.

What’s inside of you is far more inspiring than what you’ll discover in the pages of any women’s magazine—even ours! But we are honored by the privilege of taking this journey with you.

Nanetta Scott


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