Making A Difference

Mother Peele's Kitchen: Making a Positive Difference... One Cake at a Time!

My love for baking cakes simply began with watching my mother in the kitchen. In my youth, I would sit at our dinner table and watch the magic begin. Boy, how time flies! These childhood memories seem like it was just yesterday. I enjoyed watching her prepare them, but even more, I loved eating them! The love and wholesome flavor of each bite pierced my taste buds and made them dance, the happy dance that is. It took me to a place of security and contentment, which can be described as home.

Through my love of baking homemade cakes, my mother’s recipe has traveled down through the years to my family through fundraising events and so much more. But, the so much more includes giving back to the youth. I love to see the eagerness and excitement on their faces when they are in my kitchen, also known as “Mother Peele’s Kitchen.” It takes me back in my childhood to that special place, making my soul so happy!

In my kitchen, each young chef must wear the chef hat, the chef apron, or both. When they look like a chef, they think and feel like a chef. I teach them how to mix all of the ingredients, add them to the baking pans and complete their masterpieces in the oven. They do all the work, and I’m only there to assist them. After the cakes are beautifully assembled, we take pictures of them with their creations. It is essential to spend time with our youth and share some positive things with them to pass down to their own families.

It makes me happy to see the excitement and joy of the younger generation who wants to learn the art of homemade cooking. However, I must say that the greatest joy of all is seeing how people enjoy the taste and love that I put it into every cake, pie, and meal I prepare. Furthermore, I am honored to know that I have been featured in such a great magazine that promotes, motivates, and uplifts its readers. Thank you, PMU, for this incredible opportunity!

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