Prescription Nutrition


Did you know the major diseases in our world today—including asthma, allergies, obesity, type II diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease — could be virtually eliminated through better nutrition? It’s true! You can’t catch them from your neighbor. While some of theses diseases may have a partial genetic basis or be affected by the environment (asthma and allergies) all stem in part from nutritional deficiencies within the body. All can be reduced or even eliminated through improved nutrition. That means that many times, they begin as a result of the food or drink we ingest.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but our food intake is crucial to our health. Poor food and/or too much good food equals, poor health. Good food in proper quantities equals good health. The prescription for good health is good nutrition… and it is as close as your kitchen.

If you were to build a house, the first thing you would do is to draw up a set of plans. You would begin with the structure and choose the amenities last. The same idea can be applied to the way you stock your kitchen. You must gain a basic understanding of which foods build a good nutritional foundation. The next step is to review the contents of your kitchen—refrigerator, freezer, cupboards and pantry—and remove all items that do not support good nutrition. This generally includes anything that contains white sugar, along with most packaged and processed foods.

After you’ve cleaned out your kitchen, set up a plan (menu) for the next week, identifying the key proteins, fats and carbohydrates you will consume. Your menu serves as your shopping list. If you go into the grocery store without a list, you will probably spend more money and purchase items that don’t support good nutrition.

Taking control of your shopping is a key step to better health. Conscious eating is a process, and makes you an active participant in bettering your overall health. So remember: food and good nutrition are your prescription for better health. Every bite of food is a decision to move toward disease or health. The choice is up to you!

Dawn Ann Jameson Nutritional Awareness Consultant

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