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We at PMU Woman Magazine believe that you should honor your body. You know that exercise is good for you… now, let’s put that knowledge to regular use! Through our brief motivational articles and quick exercise tips, our goal is to inspire you to continue or start a weekly workout routine. It takes eating right and exercise to indulge in real fitness. No more excuses! Get ready… set… read all about it!

Make a move: 5 steps to your positive change

“Why me?” is often a question people ask when tragedy or devastating circumstances strike. Our minds race with thoughts like, “It seems unfair when I work hard and play by the rules, yet I don’t get ahead;” or “When will it be my turn?” or “Will I ever catch a break?” Although tragedy may happen,

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*** Please Note: Before starting any of these exercises consult your physician. *** 1. Using an exercise band, lunge down, while standing back up, bring the opposite knee up, engaging the abs and the glutes. (Repeat with other side). 2. Lying on a bench or a couch, press into your heels while driving your hips

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The PMU Woman

Consider the last time you picked up a glossy women’s magazine. The images were flawless, the language intoxicating. You can do it all, be it all, have it all in five minutes a day! If you’re anything like me, the articles whipped you into a frenzy of hope that you could pull your life together

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