“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Frankly, it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning if we don’t know where we’re going. Goals are vital – and a plan to accomplish them is even better! Life is full of stumbling blocks, but the momentum of pursing a goal can carrying you through the pitfalls. PMU Woman promotes goal setting through inspirational stories and “how-to” guides. We want you to pursue the things that make you fully alive. Accomplish your goals, and we’ll celebrate with you!

Make a move: 5 steps to your positive change

“Why me?” is often a question people ask when tragedy or devastating circumstances strike. Our minds race with thoughts like, “It seems unfair when I work hard and play by the rules, yet I don’t get ahead;” or “When will it be my turn?” or “Will I ever catch a break?” Although tragedy may happen,

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Unshakable Confidence: The Missing Ingredient

Are you hesitant and insecure in your thinking, “Am I good enough?” Are you threatened by others who have strong personalities? Do you fail to speak up and sell your ideas because you are afraid? Do you shrink because you failed in the past and do not want to repeat the same mistake? These questions

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