*** Please Note: Before starting any of these exercises consult your physician. *** 1. Using an exercise band, lunge down, while standing back up, bring the opposite knee up, engaging the abs and the glutes. (Repeat with other side). 2. Lying on a bench or a couch, press into your heels while driving your hips … Read more

The PMU Woman

Consider the last time you picked up a glossy women’s magazine. The images were flawless, the language intoxicating. You can do it all, be it all, have it all in five minutes a day! If you’re anything like me, the articles whipped you into a frenzy of hope that you could pull your life together … Read more


As part of a balanced money management plan, set aside 10% of the income from your employment (job or business) into a financial freedom fund. This money will be used to invest in the stock market or your chosen investment that will produce passive income. Passive income, income you make without having to trade your … Read more

Unshakable Confidence: The Missing Ingredient

Are you hesitant and insecure in your thinking, “Am I good enough?” Are you threatened by others who have strong personalities? Do you fail to speak up and sell your ideas because you are afraid? Do you shrink because you failed in the past and do not want to repeat the same mistake? These questions … Read more

Honor your body by firing up your metabolism

Exercising is one of the main ingredients to losing weight and increasing your metabolism. However, eating a low calorie/low fat diet is extremely as important. Try not to skip meals and be sure to do some form of cardiovascular exercise three to five times each week. Incorporate strength training and decide on an early evening … Read more