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Substance or superficialities?

It's your life. You decide!

Nanetta Scott, Publisher

Hair Salons

North Carolina native Nanetta Scott credits God, her wonderful parents and life experiences with teaching her everything she knows. Through God, she conquered the challenge of severe childhood bronchial asthma and was able to pursue her dream of undergraduate study at North Carolina Central University. During this time, she discovered allergies were the root of her asthma flare-ups and was able to combine proper nutrition and regular exercise with medication to more effectively manage her condition.

Upon completion of her degree, Ms. Scott moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to continue her education and accomplish her goal of becoming a graphic designer. Through networking, Ms. Scott landed a graphic design position with Schrodder Publishing, followed by work at Creative Loafing and a six-year opportunity at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Drawing on 12 years of design and publication experience, she made the decision to become an entrepreneur.

“All of that experience brought me here, to fulfill my purpose,” says Ms. Scott. “I welcome any ideas that you, the esteemed reader, have to offer. Each section of PMU Woman has a personal meaning to me; the magazine is a culmination of my passion, vision and creative abilities. I believe each section contains insight necessary for today’s lifestyles. This magazine comes straight from my heart.

“My goal is to help make women aware of the various facets of their lives, from the physical to the emotional and spiritual. Women walk through so many phases and stages in life, but if we face situations head on and keep God first, anything is possible.

“Through the content of PMU Woman, I emphasize the importance for us to love ourselves and be aware of our bodies. We really need to pay attention to what our bodies are telling us. If you don’t love you, who else will? Get to know yourself and stop placing the blame on others! That’s real talk.”

Nanetta Scott



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