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Living Begins at 86

March 3, 2011

Hair Salons

Mary also credits her youthful appearance to the fact that she never smoked and maintains a strong spiritual life. “I have a strong faith. I still go to church every Sunday. I had no choice but to develop a strong faith after losing so many people I loved in my life.” When Mary Lou was only 12, her mother passed away. She also lost both her first and second husband and a son.

Mary has three other children of whom she is very proud. “I have one son who writes beautiful poetry. I have a daughter who teaches aerobics, and I have a daughter who is the vice president of a large health company in Raleigh, North Carolina.” After her first husband died, Mary put all her children through college. She worked for years a newspaper and later retired after 11 years with a glass company. “I am retired,” she says, “But I still volunteer at the hospital once a week.”

Mary takes care of herself, but isn’t extravagant. “All my life I have used Oil of Olay products, but I use inexpensive makeup. I also treat myself to a pedicure every now and then. When it comes to clothes I am just a simple blue jean girl.”

To prove she is as young as she looks and feels, Mary Lou has an iPod and a computer. “I have 167 songs on my iPod right now. Country, classical, Frank Sinatra—oh, I have everything on it! I check my e-mails often. I try to keep up with technology.” She also has a special friend from California who keeps her on the move with trips across the country to California, Oregon, Kauai and more. While in Homer, Alaska, she made headlines for catching an 87-pound halibut, the largest fish reeled in by anyone in her group.

At 86, Mary Lou is truly an inspiration for all ages as she embraces life!

Shalanda Cowans


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