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Honor your body by firing up your metabolisim

April 1, 2010

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Exercising is one of the main ingredients to losing weight and increasing your metabolism. However, eating a low calorie/low fat diet is extremely as important. Try not to skip meals and be sure to do some form of cardiovascular exercise three to five times each week. Incorporate strength training and decide on an early evening cut-off time to end your meals for the day.

Munch on this food for thought: “If your caloric intake exceeds your cardiovascular output, you will find it hard to lose unwanted pounds.” Cut the carbohydrates, especially sugar!  You would be amazed how much sugar a person consumes on a daily bases.  Sugar alone can sabotage any low calorie diet. Salt is another spice to minimize, as it can cause your body to retain excess water, otherwise known as bloating.

Drink plenty of water. I like distilled water, and I recommend following a good sleep pattern at night.  Studies have shown that lack of sleep can affect your ability to lose weight. High stress levels are also a factor. So relax, breathe, and most importantly, choose a type of exercise plan that fits your age, physical conditions and lifestyle.  For instance, if you have major knee, foot, and back problems, a high-energy step aerobics class may not be the healthiest choice for your condition. 

Carol Talley


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