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5 tips to help you stick to your exercise plan

April 1, 2010

2. Motivate yourself
Try not to depend on an exercise partner to motivate you to go to the gym.

3. Plan ahead
Plan ahead and think of exercise as a lifetime investment, a necessity for your survival, like food and water. As we age, and the metabolism starts to slow down, resulting in unwanted weight gain. Can you guess what the doctor is going to prescribe for you to do?  You got it! Exercise.

4. Schedule your workout
Eat light and at least one to two hours prior to working out. Put it in your schedule.  My clients often let their bosses, friends, even doctors know not to interfere with their exercise schedule if they can help it.

5. Set goals
Set short- and long-term weight loss goals. When you reach your goal— or come close to it— and decide to splurge, never allow your weight to exceed five pounds.  It is not worth going back and starting the journey all over again!

Carol Talley

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