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Exercise Tips

October 1, 2010

Abdominal exercises – These exercises builds the core without injuring the spine.  Always use good form when doing these exercises. Start with the basic moves and do them 5-7 days per week. See abdominal exercises below

Hair Salons
Abdominal Curl:
2 Sets of 20 Repetitions. 1 minute rest between sets
Hair Salons
2 sets of 10 repetitions (each side), holding each rep for 5 seconds; 1 minute rest between reps
Hair Salons
Basic Plank
Hold plank position for 60 seconds lift your right arm off the ground. Keep abdominal tucked in isometric hold as abs get stronger, arm and leg lifts may also be added as strength increases.

Mid-Way Bicep Curl Exercises - Keep a brisk pace during your workout & don’t rest too long between sets. Do this exercise with a weighted bar or dumbbells, standing or seated on an incline bench. Do these exercises 3 times a week. Use lightweight to tone and heavier weight to build. 3 Sets – 10 to 12 Reps

Hair Salons
Step One
Grasp the bar or dumbbells with palms facing away from you and arms extended fully
Hair Salons
Step Two
Continue lifting the bar or dumbbells until the arm is at a 90 degree angle.
Hair Salons
Step Three
Keeping your elbows close to your body, hold position at a 90 degree angle for 2 seconds, then lower the bar back to starting position
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