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Substance or superficialities?

It's your life. You decide!

About PMU Woman Magazine

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Our company includes a small, but experienced staff focused on what matters most to you, the reader.

We are a quarterly publication geared toward the interests of a diverse group of women. Our target audience is women 21 to 45 who desire to find real substance in everyday living. Unlike many magazines that focus on superficialities, we seek out real stories of women facing adversity and challenge. We all experience trials on a daily basis, whether it’s frustration with the face we see in the mirror or a parent grappling with cancer. Most of the time, we leave our struggles behind closed doors and cope in silence. PMU Woman is designed to provide an empowering voice to share both the pain and the joys we experience as women.

At PMU Woman, we believe all things are possible through God’s power. We are here to give women of every nationality and class a chance to enhance their current position in life. Our topics will nurture your mind, body and soul – ultimately leading to a “healthier you” through the tools we offer. We believe it’s possible to be health conscious, career oriented, adventurous, ambitious and fashionable – without stressing out. We aspire to inspire…you.

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